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Portable Drilling

A large portable fleet for difficult access or environmentally sensitive projects

The Ranger Rig

Energold’s Ranger rig, designed and built by Energold, is a lightweight, modular rig that maximizes the benefits of portable drilling without sacrificing capability or performance. The rigs are rated to 800m in BTW, with a heaviest component weight of 180kg. When drilling the rigs require an extremely small footprint in which to operate safely. The Ranger rig can be broken down into components that are small and light enough to be transported manually. Because the rigs are so easily transported there is no requirement to build roads to access the drill sites, saving both time and cost as well as minimising environmental impact.

The Ranger’s specifications

Ranger rigs are rated to:

  Ranger S1 / S2 / S2.5 Ranger S3 / S4
PQ (85mm core) 50m 150m
HQ (63mm core) 150m 400m
NTW (56mm core) 500m 800m
BTW (42mm core) 800m 1,000m