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Protecting the environment and supporting the communities where we drill

While drilling is an environmentally intrusive activity, it also represents an opportunity to benefit many communities around the world where Energold operates. Accordingly, minimizing the environmental impact of our drilling is one of Energold’s most important priorities. The significant number of portable rigs in our fleet helps reduce the environmental impact of drilling, given that Energold’s portable rigs are relatively small and light, require a small footprint in which to operate, and don’t require building roads for drill site access. Whether using portable or larger rigs on drilling projects, Energold always seeks to conserve water and energy use; minimize the generation of waste and the use of hazardous materials; and preserve air quality.

Energold also views minerals exploration as a unique opportunity to help less advantaged communities around the globe. Wherever we operate, we always seek to hire as many local staff as possible in a variety of roles, providing training and a skills legacy in the community. We regularly support programs to help local villages and communities, and in the past we’ve built schools and provided other educational assistance to communities; we’ve supported sports teams and other local activities; and we’ve drilled water wells to increase locals’ access to potable water.

International Standards of Corporate Governance

Energold brings international standards of corporate governance to its business practices in the regions throughout the world where it operates, whether in our anti-corruption and anti-bribery policies; in-country tax and labor practices that comply with all local laws and regulatons; our commitment to ensuring there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in any of our business operations or supply chains; or our culture and controls that emanate from Energold’s executive and financial staff headquartered in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.